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SIRE : Worlds Beyond in development, very early alpha, try it!

Hi, I'm working on a game system that I plan on improving and extending continuously over the years.

Quad3 Gaming is an online indie multiplayer game system that will offer fun, fast, easy to jump in and play 3rd person FPS. Will have multiplayer maps with vehicles, weapons, different characters and multiple gameplay types. The closest way I can describe what I'm shooting for is something like the old-school Warhawk 3 for PS3, but more expansive with ongoing new features and gameplay (in spirit, not a replication). Also, you can use the same plugin I created for blender to create your own custom maps. This will be a long continuous (and hopefully fun and interesting!) journey. Visit this site or subscribe below to follow the progress of this game system. 

Single level maps

Gameplay and maps inspired from games such as Warhawk 3, TF2, Quake 2. Meant to be fun, jump in and play a few games with friends.

Build your own maps.

Use blender to export your own custom maps.

Different gameplay types.

Starting with the classic deathmatch, will expand to capture the flag, area control, and more.


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