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Latest Zips

This game system is for PC only and requires a graphics card with Vulkan support. Right now I greatly need help to see if the zip is missing anything required to run "out of the box" for any PC gamer. Please leave feedback on the Forum page regarding bugs or feature requests or any other suggestions.

To run the game:

Unzip anywhere on your computer.

Since this is alpha, user name is stored in bin/config.json

Change the username to something unique so names won't clash. (Email will eventually be      used to uniquely identify players.)

Can also change the region to either "eu" or "us"

Go to bin and run the exe: "quad_engine64.exe"

To create a new game: type in a room name and hit "GO" (ignore the other options for now). To join a game, you should see a created room in the lobby, double click it. All players should be in the lobby ready to go after a few seconds. The game creator then needs to hit "Start Game" when it shows up.

There is a console with output and error dialogue boxes. Please refer to those if anything goes wrong.


Move: WASD

Shift:  Run faster

Space: Jump (hold longer for bigger jump)

Control: Crouch

Scroll wheel: Switch weapons

Right Mouse: Aim

Left Mouse: Fire

Escape, Escape to exit game

If you fall off the map or get stuck, press "R" to respawn

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